Prairie Ridge H.S. (Crystal Lake, IL)

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Prairie Ridge High School
  • Prairie Ridge High School is a public co-ed high school in Illinois. It operates as a neighborhood school.
  • It is located at 6000 Dvorak Drive, Crystal Lake, in McHenry County.
  • School district or local education agency: Community High School District 155, based in Crystal Lake.

Initial school development and construction

Describe how the district made the initial decision to build the school campus(es), where the funds originated, and other considerations at the time.

Physical plant and grounds

Describe any upgrades to the school building, the athletic fields, or other physical plant modifications over the history of the school at this or other locations.

Students served

What has the student body looked like (towns or neighborhoods they live in, community engagement, demographic information, entitlement statistics, extracurricular involvement, English-learner or disability status)? Discussion should not name individual students but should focus on statistical summaries over time and provide independent (or published) supporting documentation.

Scheduling and number of classes offered

In the XXXX-XX academic year, students in grades 9 through 12 could choose from a total of XXX classes, of which XX were honors-level classes, and XX were Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes. The following table shows the number of courses offered in a few subjects:[1]

Subject Area Total Honors AP or IB
Math 10 10 7
Physics 4 10 3
Literature 1 10 5
Foreign Language 4 10 3
Visual Arts 4 10 3

Include information in this section about the bell times, school year, holidays or other days off, early start or release dates, schedule format (7-period, 8-period, A/B block, etc.)

Graduating classes

How many students have graduated from the school since the beginning? What have been some of the notable contributions of senior classes to the school? Discussion should not name individual students and should be limited to school groups or student organizations.

Next step for graduates

Describe where graduates went next and any notable accomplishments: college, community college, military, work. Discussion should focus on statistical summaries, not on individual students.

Athletic teams

How have athletic teams at the school fared in statewide competition or tournaments, as well as in other ways?

Music organizations

Describe important opportunities and accomplishments music organizations at the school have had over the years.

Drama productions

Describe plays, musicals, or other dramatic productions or speech efforts by students; state how these have progressed over the school's history.

Student publications

Describe student newspapers, literary magazines, films, or other publications produced by students and how they are run.

STEM participation and honors

Identify and describe any math, science, technology, or engineering opportunities and accomplishments for students.

Social studies participation and honors

Describe opportunities and accomplishments in the areas of government, politics, the law, debate, history, etc.

School leadership

What has each principal or other leader or master teacher at the school throughout its history done to help students achieve higher goals? Discussion should be limited to principals and teachers who achieved some recognition that can be supported by independent, outside documentation or published news stories.

Career and technical education

Describe programs the school provides to train students to enter the workforce, or state how students get this training.

Magnet specializations

If the school offers magnet programs, describe those here, including opportunities or accomplishments; if not, state that the school is not a magnet school.

Tuition or student fees

If the school charges tuition, state how it is computed and any financial aid that may apply. If students pay fees on registration, including fees for special classes, list them here and provide information about any waivers that may be applied.

Footnotes and references

  1. Cite and link to the course catalog or de-identified lists of student enrollment counts