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Copyright and clearances


The EduVox Wiki is published by the Voxitatis Research Foundation. Unless otherwise noted, all content this wiki is available for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Furthermore, all opinions expressed are those of the author, not necessarily of any organization.

General terms and conditions of service

By registering and posting content on this wiki, you agree to abide by the terms of use, which are defined in general on this page. Although we can be expected to miss errors, inaccuracies, or offensive content from time to time, please note that Voxitatis has the right but not the obligation to modify or delete any content posted on this wiki.

No warranty or guarantee of accuracy

Because of the volume of information we provide, we will try to correct any inaccuracies we discover or that are reported by other user/editors on the Discussion tabs for each page. However, VOXITATIS MAKES NO WARRANTY AS TO FITNESS OF ITEMS PUBLISHED OR LESSONS DEVELOPED FOR ANY PURPOSE WHATSOEVER. PLEASE CHECK THE VALIDITY AND CORRECTNESS OF ANY MATERIAL YOU USE FROM THIS WIKI. Furthermore, although some of the information on this wiki may be accurate, it should not be considered to have come from a credible source, as any user with an account is free to edit most of the pages. We try to encourage creators and editors to verify any content from independent and reliable sources, including original documents if those are available, but it doesn't happen in every case or on every page.

Liability for content

As a provider of content, you are solely responsible for, and assume all liability, regarding:

  • the information and content you contribute
  • the information and content you post, transmit, publish, or otherwise make available
  • your interactions with other users through the wiki

You will not post any material that you know to be false or defamatory, libelous, or rude, or any information that may be considered invasive of a person's privacy, or in any other way in violation of the law.

We kindly ask that you be considerate of people who are different from you in some way when providing content to this wiki; this includes people of different ages, genders, sexual orientation, races, ethnicities, religions, and countries of origin.

You agree, through your use of this wiki, that content you provide may be freely edited by other registered users or by employees of Voxitatis. By submitting any content, you promise us that you either wrote it yourself or got it from a public domain or similar free resource. Do not submit copyrighted work without first obtaining the permission of the copyright owner, and when posting, keep all copyright messages intact.

Specifically prohibited content

In addition to the foregoing, you will not post on the wiki, transmit to other users, communicate any content (or links thereto), or otherwise engage in any activity on the site or through the wiki, that:

  • promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual
  • is intended to or tends to harass, annoy, threaten or intimidate any other users of the wiki
  • is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented, or otherwise objectionable
  • describes a person, group, school, or organization inaccurately or in a way that casts aspersions
  • spreads unsupported rumors or innuendos about a person, group, school, or organization
  • contains others' copyrighted content (music, movies, videos, photographs, images, software, etc.) without obtaining permission first
  • contains video, audio photographs, or images that have no editorial value as news of another person without his or her permission (or in the case of a minor, the minor's legal guardian)
  • promotes or enables illegal or unlawful activities, such as instructions on how to make or buy illegal weapons or drugs, violate someone's privacy, harm or harass another person, or circumvent copy-protect devices
  • is intended to defraud, swindle or deceive other users of the wiki
  • contains an excessive amount of non-standard written English, including without limitation, acronyms for which we cannot determine the meaning
  • contains viruses, time bombs, trojan horses, cancelbots, worms or other harmful, or disruptive codes, components or devices
  • promotes or solicits involvement in or support of a political platform, religion, cult, or sect
  • promotes a commercially available product or service (objective reviews are permitted)
  • disseminates another person's personal information without his or her permission, or collects or solicits another person’s personal information for commercial or unlawful purposes
  • is off-topic, meaningless, of insufficient length to determine relevancy, or otherwise intended to annoy or interfere with others' enjoyment of the site
  • impersonates, or otherwise misrepresents affiliation, connection or association with, any person or entity
  • solicits gambling or engages in any gambling or similar activity
  • uses scripts, bots or other automated technology to access the wiki
  • uses the wiki for chain letter, junk mail, or spam e-mails
  • collects or solicits personal information about anyone under 18
  • is in any way used for or in connection with spamming, spimming, phishing, trolling, or similar activities